The Camerata Porteña transformed pain and sadness into a musical delight during the concert offered at the “Feria de las Artes de Sinaloa”. The audience offered strong and extended applauses to the “porteños” –as natives from Buenos Aires are called- acknowledging their artistic quality and interpretative beauty.

Debate, México

Piazzolla legitimate heirs. Among the many contemporary tango groups, the Camerata Porteña occupies a special place because it was created at the behest of Piazzolla himself. The Argentine group began its career in 1986.

El País, Montevideo,Uruguay

That is the way in which things happens with the Camerata Porteña, where a group of expert musicians stand out in a brilliant performance. Piazzolla’s lyric strength finds a particular echo in the interpretative way of the Camerata Porteña, and that emotive and intimate aspect stands out in the compositions, those which with generous inspiration were composed by Marcelo Rodríguez Scilla and Alejandro Borgo.

Fernando López (La Nación, Argentina)

The genuine Piazzolla’s heirs. Camerata Porteña offered an excellent concert, not only proving to be magnificent performers, but excellent composers.

Rubén Borrazás (Últimas Noticias, Uruguay

The sound of the Camerata Porteña reaches an infrequent.30 beauty, very close to perfection.

Jorge Montiel (Revista Luna, Buenos Aires)

Camerata Porteña left the Auditorium full of angels. The atmosphere was emotionally loaded, and from everywhere it could be felt the sights of the ones that shed some tears moved by the beauty of the concert. (El Periodiquito de Aragua, Venezuela) With several albums released and many years of experience in contemporary tango, the Camerata Porteña was always very near to Astor Piazzolla, who strongly supported M.Rodriguez Scilla, whose talent he so much appreciated; today he is considered one of his artistic heirs .

Ricardo Salton (Ambito Financiero, Argentina)

With exquisite sensibility and a compact sound, the Camerata Porteña honored Astor Piazzolla, the composer who promoted this orchestra. Camerata Porteña, “El ÁngelVive”.

La Prensa, Argentina